May 19 2014

Why We Love Tracking (And You Should, Too!)

Tracking Is Creepy & Useless Without An Engagement Strategy


Do you want qualified leads for your business with full contact details segmented by lead strength?  Our online tracking tools & dedicated staff provide you with insights on how to generate even more business through our platform.




1. Easy-to-use tracking report


With XPRT, you won’t be in the dark when it comes to measuring your performance. Your tracking report dashboard provides you with top-line visitor & lead data on one screen, allowing you to evaluate how your results have evolved over time. But what’s great about the report is that you’re one click away from viewing full contact details of the leads who have interacted with your storefront and how they’ve interacted.

2. Generated leads


Your report stores all your generated leads and contact details then segments them by order of priority. Direct messages, including requests for quotation, are stored in your own inbox. Next comes a list of prospects who have interacted with your storefront, where you can filter out who’s viewed a video, downloaded a brochure, clicked through to your web & more so you can follow up. Lastly, you get a list of logged-in users who have visited your storefront. All leads can be easily exported to your own CRM.

3. Top content



This report shows which pages of your storefront are getting the most pageviews and who has viewed those pages. This can give you a better idea of which content is most popular and which content may need to be improved.




4. Geographical breakdown



This report shows where in the world visits to your storefront are coming from so you can make sure you’re reaching the right markets. We offer online tools where you can specify which locations you serve, as well as geo-targeted campaigns that can help you optimize geographical reach.


5. Email notifications



Whenever anything important happens on your storefront, we send you an immediate email notification. We all know how important it is to follow-up on urgent requests, but we take that a step further by immediately notifying you of other important activity, such as when a prospect has downloaded a brochure, viewed your contact details or clicked through to your web. That way you can follow up with these leads to ensure they’ve found the info they need.


6. Personalized customer care


Monitoring performance is only valuable if you interpret the data in order to make improvements. We know that’s easier said than done, so you will have a personal account manager available to help you evaluate the results and take actions to improve. Our customers are never treated as numbers. We take time to understand your needs and ensure your campaign meets your specific goals.

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6 Signs You Should Invest In Environmental XPRT

Want to Maximize your lead generation, branding & exposure?


Become a premium sponsor and be seen before your competitors. We match your product & service offering to the appropriate segments of our audience so you generate the right leads.



1. Targeted banner campaigns


For maximum branding & leads, 728×90 leaderboard banners appear on the header of both the site and e-bulletins and exclusively sponsor topic pages of your choice. If that’s not for you, we also offer run-of-site rectangular and skyscraper banner campaigns. All banner campaigns are keyword-targeted to ensure they’re shown to the right prospects within the right context. Some ads can be configured to reach users in specific regions.

2. Email blasts


Send direct emails to specific qualified buyers & reach their inboxes with promotions, product launches, upcoming events, surveys and more. Get immediate results and know who’s clicked through so you can follow-up. Lists can be compiled by location, job title, industry & more. We offer advice on email marketing best practices and can even build the html for you.

Get an instant quote based on your target group »

3. E-bulletin sponsorships


Reach out to the over 72,000 environmental professionals who subscribe to our suite of 32 topic-specific e-bulletins. Through the e-bulletins (newsletters, ezines, event updates & product alerts), not only can we deliver your content straight to decision makers, but you can also take advantage of premium ad space, complete with logo, 700 characters of text & links.

View a per-publication breakdown of our e-bulletins »

4. Enhanced search positioning & exposure


We can put you on the inside track by enhancing your positioning on all relevant search result pages of the site. You’ll also be more likely to appear within prominent site modules on high-traffic pages of our site, including the homepage. Your company logo and product images will get priority treatment on related companies & products modules that appear on your competitors’ storefronts.




5. Showcase campaigns


Launching a new product? Hosting an event? Running a promotion? Generate a high volume of leads in a short period of time. Think of it as a campaign within a campaign. As a sponsor, you’ll always benefit from high visibility, but for those times when you need more, you can start a month-long showcase and achieve your goals. Get higher positioning, include your product or event in an e-bulletin, feature an accompanying news story or article, and tack on an optional direct email blast.

6. Remove 3rd party ads from your storefront


If you have a free profile, you may notice your competitors sponsoring parts of your storefront. By upgrading to a bronze, silver or gold level, you can flip the coin. Get rid of third-party ads on your storefront and promote your business next to your competitors’ content instead.

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The Ultimate Guide to LEADS @ Environmental XPRT

Want to reach the world’s largest community of environmental & agriculture professionals?

Well get on board & join the marketplace & reach hundreds of thousands of decision makers to increase sales. We generate quality leads for various types of businesses, whether requests for quote, software demo requests, event registrations, sales of publications, job candidates, etc


1. Lead-generating storefront


The hub of your company’s presence on XPRT Media, the storefront lets you publish an unlimited amount of pages, content & images. Include your company overview & contact details, products & services, brochures & downloads, news, events & more. With easy-to-use online forms and tracking capabilities, the storefront generates leads with contact details so you can follow up in the most appropriate manner and increase sales. When you become a sponsor, our specialized staff will build & maintain your storefront to fit your exact needs.



2. Product & service catalog


Your products & services will be part of the world’s largest online catalog of environmental and agricultural equipment & solutions and appear on all relevant keyword & category searches on XPRT Media’s marketplaces. Selected products & services will appear in our weekly product alerts reaching over 50,000 buyers. Include specs, downloads, brochures & videos so buyers get the info they need.



3. News, articles, white papers & case studies


A great way to promote your expertise and generate interest and fresh leads, whether announcing new product launches or sharing technical articles, white papers & case studies. We deliver the latest industry news & articles to our audience via newsletters, social media & RSS feeds and include them in the news & articles section of the site. Adding fresh material will help you get the attention of qualified buyers and increase traffic to your storefront. We can even monitor & publish from your RSS feeds!

4. Events, conferences & webinars


Perfect for event organizers, companies organizing events in support of their products or training providers, our online events calendar lists hundreds of upcoming environmental industry events across the world. We keep our audience notified of upcoming events of interest to them via direct email blasts and monthly event updates. Give attendees & exhibitors the info they need and provide direct links to your registration forms.



5. pEEple professional network


The pEEple professional network is a great way for your expert staff to help attract additional business through XPRT Media’s marketplaces. Your staff can publish articles, post comments on material posted by others and interact with like-minded professionals. Your experts are your best assets so let them share their knowledge and help you attract more business.




6. Job openings & candidate mining


XPRT Media has built a community of over 250,000 industry experts, primarily engineers & consultants, from around the world. Chances are a few of them are right for your job. Vacancies are delivered to job seekers who fit your ideal candidate profile and published in our online job search. You may also actively search and filter out the right candidates online. Whether you’re a recruiter, large engineering firm or small business,we have the solution for you.


7. Content management system


With our online content management system, you’re always in control of your company’s storefront. Updating is simple and changes are published in real-time. That means getting the word out about a new product or event is just a couple minutes away. You can even assign additional content administrators within your organization and perform bulk uploads if you have lots of products.


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May 16 2014

Environmental XPRT, Traffic, Leads, and More in XPRT Media Content This Week

1. How do I know what traffic & leads I receive?

Access your XPRT account & go to “View Tracking Report” where you will see data from 2008 showing traffic plus copies of leads, data about top viewed content, the location of your traffic etc.


2. Which companies get the best traffic & leads?

The ones who have both quantity & quality of content plus the most relevant, best-written content & those who post regularly. Clients will get many of their products included in the e-bulletins plus many news stories are fed daily to our pages on twitter, facebook & Linkedin.


3. What is the main difference between the three levels of Sponsorship?

Results. All allow unlimited content on the Storefront however its the extra campaigns (keyword positioning, products & banners) that drive traffic to the Storefront that makes the difference in traffic.


4. How do I know which searches my profiles appears under?

Every word is searchable . At the foot of each page you will see “MOST POPULAR RELATED SEARCHES” which shows you all the keywords from that page that match our internal keyword table. This comprises approx. 40,000 industry relevant search terms.  If your keyword does not appear simply add this to the page, overnight the system will index the new content & if there is a match it will appear in the list the next day.

Content for Leads = Upload your Content TODAY 

Environmental XPRT FAQs: Answers to 5 Questions You’ve Always Wanted to …

1. What are the benefits of working with XPRT?

First you can try it for free, then you see for yourself. Its about delivery of results & with the online tracking you have instant proof of performance.


Top reasons why companies become Sponsors

  • They have had an online demonstration from XPRT staff (better than 1:10 convert)

  • They are actively looking for leads, branding or exposure

  • Competitors are on XPRT

  • Already getting traffic/leads so know & trust us


2. There are 36,000 companies online so how will anyone find me?

By publishing great content users & buyers will find you via either a keyword search or by navigating through the site. Most searches are very specific so you would be found. If the search is generic then they won’t have been looking for you anyway. Compare searches for pumps/water pumps/wastewater pumps.


We work in a very niche market so not sure XPRT is the right venue for us

Not a problem, most companies are niche on our site so they get found via relevant keyword searches &/or easy navigation via the topic/channels. With over 60% of the traffic coming from organic searches  it shows that our SEO works so we will do the same with your keywords to make sure that you are found.


3. How do the search results work?

This is done by relevance. So content with exact matches appear at the top in order Gold, Silver, Bronze then free followed by partial matches in the same order so sometimes you will see a free profile above a sponsor because it has the exact search term. We have an internal logarithm like Google that


4. How long will my free listing be for?

For as long as you wish. : )


5. How much content can I post & how often?

Unlimited content & you may post as often as you wish. Fresh content will attract new visitors.


Content for Leads = Upload your Content TODAY 

Use content on Environmental XPRT & Capture Leads

Got Content? NO

Content can generate the leads you want

Do you have time to create new material? NO

This is a common problem many businesses face.


Typically this happens when:


1. You have more leads than your sales team can handle.

2. You aren’t closing enough of your website leads into customers, and feel like those leads aren’t the best quality.


So what do you do?

What content will help you solve your problems?

Check your Content rating below :


Then we can tell you a bit about the ins and outs of this,


Check your Checklist :


Have you recently updated you Company Profile sections on Environmental XPRT?

  • Products/solutions page

  • About us page

  • Product overview videos

  • Client testimonials

  • Case studies

  • Whitepapers

  • Recent company press releases/news

Right now we are in the midst of a lot of different changes in the world of sales & marketing, the question is whether we take it onboard or not.

Remember, nurture your content, generate your leads.


We can do this for you!

Find out how…


Have you seen our Biogas Snapshot?

We got some top line results…

  • 1500+ visits

  • 750+ downloads

  • 9 requests (RFQs)


Getting the Right mix of Strategies can be a challenge …

Have you thought about …

How do I ensure my company and products appear under the right keyword & category searches?

The best way to ensure your company and products appear under the right searches is to ensure your content is keyword-rich. Here are a few tips:



  • Try to mix in keywords naturally. Don’t force them into the text or you`ll be sacrificing clarity for SEO. Above all, keep your customer in mind and write for them.

  • Do not use keyword lists. These are considered as spam by XPRT, our users & Google.

  • After submitting your content to XPRT, you may visit your live content the next day to see which keywords our system has detected.  These appear in a section called “Most popular related searches” at the bottom of your content pages.

  • No matter what keywords appear in the related searches section, your content will be searchable by all the keywords included within your content. The related searches section simply includes what we consider the most important of those keywords.

  • Priority is given in the search results to exact matches. If, for example, you’re selling a solution for hazardous waste, make sure the words “hazardous” and “waste” appear together in your content to increase the chances that a user searching on “hazardous waste” finds you.

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How to write good Content on Environmental XPRT that will capture Leads …

So what does Environmental XPRT see as great lead-generating Storefront content?


First and foremost, our algorithm takes keyword search relevancy into account.  As an advertiser trying to optimize content to improve your Lead Generation, you should do the following:


  • Make sure your product titles include the brand name, standard name of the product (i.e. waste compactor, wastewater aerator, point source bailer) and model number.

  • Ensure the basic, 1000-character descriptions of your products & services are rich in relevant keywords.

  • Make use of extended descriptions to include additional keywords relevant to the product or service you are promoting.

  • Avoid keyword stuffing tactics: long lists of keywords, hard-to-read copy written for the sole purpose of including the maximum number of keywords possible.


While relevancy is the number one factor in achieving good search ranking, if you`re a bronze, silver or gold sponsor, you get priority & extra exposure on the site.

Need more info on how your company profile can improve lead generation via content?


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May 8 2014

Turn your Content into Leads

Why should you use your content to generate leads?


So you have your product, service, idea, etc., right? And you want to draw in your audience, right? You can easily do this as long as you focus on your buyers’ problems by establishing solutions and providing results.So what is the ideal way to do this? Develop a whitepaper (a problem-solving guide), Casestudy, Webinar, promote your product & even get a little extra help with our content package!


Do you have Content?


Upload Content Today 




Has your Company Profile on Environmental XPRT been going well?

Have your lead generation efforts been successful?

Is it time to generate more leads?

Sound familiar?
One of the reasons a lot of businesses succeed in creating a great company profile & lead generating storefront is due to quality & consistency in content uploaded .

Here’s how to do it right …

Content for Leads = Upload your Content


Make your company the next Success Story:

Ask yourself:

1. Do you have up to date content on your Environmental XPRT Storefront to generate leads?

2. Do you have time to create any new material?

The most successful Company Profiles have updated content specifically tailored to their Product or Service.

So, does the idea of adding content to generate more leads sound good?

Here’s where to start…


Remember your content checklist & make sure you upload content to these important sections of your profile

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Take some time to evaluate your past content and think about new formats you can use to re-publish it to your audience.

Here is some content we published ourselves recently & got some surprising results - 2014 Biogas Snapshot


April 30 2014

15 years & a big thank you!


XPRT Media in Numbers

15 years

Over 39,000 suppliers offering solutions

390,000 + Visitors per month

4.6 million + Visitors per year

Over 370,000 registered users total

76,000 + of whom subscribe to one or more of

our channel specific e-bulletins

Happy Birthday! XPRT Media Turns 15


Caragh Kennedy.png

You are the heart and soul of XPRT Media. As we celebrate our 15th anniversary, we want to say thank you and share a little of what’s ahead for the next 15 years.

We spoke with our CEO Maarten Van Donk, to get a snapshot idea on the last 15 years & what is instore for XPRT Media.

Have a read:

Q: What are the key things that have kept you going?

Maarten: “The constant improvements we have made to Environmental XPRT these 15 years have resulted in the largest online resource for the environmental industry by many standards. Being a part of the team creating this is a great experience and motivation.”

Q: How do you think about evolving and growing XPRT Media?

Maarten: “Looking forward, we are applying our skills and technology to create B2B marketplaces for related industries in parallel to further improve our flagship portal Environmental XPRT. The Agriculture sector is a logical first step, and we are all excited to see Agriculture XPRT developing in a promising way after it´s recent launch.”

Happy Anniversary @ XPRT Media

Our Italian Guy Leo celebrating with a Windpower Cupcake…

Photo taken by Caragh Kennedy   INK361.png

Our New Logo on a Cupcake…


Some Fruit delivered & a motto we like to keep in mind : )…

Photo by Caragh Kennedy caragh85    xprt   iPhoneogram.png


Happy Anniversary @ XPRT Media!